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I am a native Londoner fluent in French and Italian. I am a fully qualified and experienced languages teacher (PGCE with QTS and full DBS certification) and currently work as a freelance language tutor and translator. 

As an English native speaker having started learning French aged 11 and Italian aged 19, I have first-hand experience of both the challenge and excitement of learning a foreign language. I remember the struggle and the sense of being overwhelmed, as well as the light-bulb moments when something suddenly clicks, and the thrilling sense of “flow” when you find yourself truly interacting and able to really express who you are in a new way for the first time.

Having taken the journey from a few fumbling words to fluency in both French and Italian, I am as fascinated by the experience of language learning as I am convinced of its rewards. The job of a language teacher is to find an approach that works for each student: to provide tools, reveal patterns, engage interest and inject fun – tailored to the individual learners – so that they learn to navigate and “unlock” the language as another means of expressing themselves and interpreting the world. What I love about teaching is the opportunity to participate in what can be an inspiring and empowering process, a key that literally opens the door to new people, new places, or simply a new way of experiencing life.

PGCE and four years MFL teaching at Heathcote School and Science College, London (ages 11-19)

Trinity College London - CertTESOL
ESOL teaching at Heathcote School and Science College, London 

Pre-school and early primary:
Led "Baby Rhyme Time", "Toddler Read and Rhyme", "Story Time" and various arts and crafts sessions for London Borough of Barnet Public Libraries.

My aim is always to formulate a flexible, tailored programme with the student(s) that not only gets results, but is fun and enriching.

Generally, I offer French/Italian/ESOL tuition as follows:

•    Primary
•    GCSE
•    A’ Level
•    Conversation
•    All ages

About my teaching approach

My specialist training and varied experience (see below) make me a skillful and versatile language teacher with a broad range of expertise and resources at my disposal. As a result, I am confident that I can engage students of all ages and abilities in tailored learning programmes that are effective, fun and stimulating.

I am lucky enough to have been trained in the Cumbria (AKA St Martins) method of language teaching. This involves creating a learning environment where all interaction takes place in the target language (e.g. French), and students are encouraged to use language for a real purpose.

Of course this involves supporting the students in all manner of ways (creating visual signage, using images, colour coding and mime), engaging different learning styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) and rapidly varying the activities (e.g. quiet problem solving alone/in pairs, games and rousing group work). This is a demanding but very rewarding approach that leaves teachers with an invaluable teaching “toolkit”.

I went on to teach for four years in a secondary school that used more conventional methods (i.e. textbook based) and was therefore able to cherry-pick activities and resources to best suit each group of learners and their individual needs.

Moreover, having studied both French and Italian to post-graduate level, I have experience of applying them to all manner of subjects from cinema, history and literature to medicine and law.

At the other end of the scale, I have also worked with toddlers and young children in primary school environments and public libraries, learning through song, arts and crafts and games.

What are your language learning needs?

Perhaps your child is unhappy with their predicted GCSE or A’ Level grade, or they are just struggling to enjoy language lessons in primary or secondary school. Or what if they are not challenged enough and need some inspiration? Do they already enjoy their language lessons and want to learn more? Maybe you would like to brush up on your own language skills yourself, get ready for a holiday in Italy or even use the language as the medium for learning about an area of interest such as French cinema or Italian cooking? (This really is the joy of language learning, when it becomes another vehicle for just living life).

Whatever the requirements, I really enjoy adapting the content of my lessons to engage and stimulate my students, and help them achieve their language goals.

Sarah is highly articulate (in both English and French!) with excellent communication skills...her passion and enthusiasm for language and teaching is evident. She is highly organised, dependable, always well prepared for class and thoughtful about including everyone in the group across ability levels.

Debbie, adult learner of French


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